• Jonathan Shiek

5 Men’s Hairstyles That Are Rocking 2021

Now that most of us have been “forced” back into the office or schools, we can’t just keep on sporting the same old hairstyle we have had throughout the entire MCO period now can we? Now, I am certain that most of us did indeed try to experiment with our hair by either cutting it really really short or growing it extremely long but did it work for you? Chances are it didn’t.

So here are 5 men’s hairstyles that you should go for to ensure you make a dapper appearance back at work!

1. Short and Textured

Credits: Men for Himself

The short and textured look is by no means a brand new style as it first became popular back in 2017-ish. However, over time, we were introduced to many variations of this common style thus, eternalizing it forever.

Although the name itself suggest that the looks is supposed to be about solid structure as it is ‘short’ after all, it is actually more about movement. In order to maximize this cut to its fullest, you might want to opt for slightly longer length on the sides, or move the fade placement lower, to allow for a more tapered look.

2. New Longer Length 

Credits: Men for Himself

If you have decided to grow out your hair during the MCO then I suppose this look won’t come as a surprise. That said, you can make your newly grown out long hair better look a tad but better. Rather than just letting it dangle down, try a slight fade on the insides of your hair.

Either way, this hairstyle trend is simply about going with the flow and enjoying every second of it.

3. Natural Curls

Credits: Men for Himself

It’s time lads, time to embrace your natural God-given curls to the fullest as they are in style. Prior to 2021 or even 2020, may men with beautiful curls would go out of their way to straighten it. Thankfully, they can now bask in their curly glory!

As the style is basically the compliment between short and long, a pro tip to ensure that you maximize the look is by keeping it really, really short on the sides and then having all those curls and the waves on top.

4. The Mullet

Credits: Men for Himself

No, you read that right… the Mullet is back in style and it may even be here to stay. Wait, hear me out. Ever since the release of Tiger King on Netflix, people have been raving about the mullet hairstyle. And knowing our modern and interesting society, we are quick to jump on trends and as such, here is the mullet… well not those 80’s style mullets of course.

5. Bald To Buzz

Credits: Men for Himself

For a lot of men struggling with hair loss or receding hairlines, a hairstyle’s primary purpose is to disguise bald patches. But 2020 saw men embracing the bald and going for the buzz cut. 2021 is less about the extreme buzz cut, but more about experimenting with different types of buzz hairstyles. Even just the slightest change in length on the sides versus the top can make such a difference.


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