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5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Felt Across Melbourne This Morning

As if 2021 could not get any worse, people living in Melbourne reported feeling a strong earthquake just this morning (22 September) at 9.15am. According to Geoscience Australia, the 5.8 magnitude earthquake was followed by a 4.0 magnitude aftershock about 15 minutes later.

Apparently, the epicentre was reported at Mansfield, about 150km northeast of Melbourne, which struck at a depth of 10km. Thankfully, the Bureau of Meteorology says that there is no tsunami threat to Australia. However, according to Deputy Premier James Merlino, keep in mind that more aftershocks could occur for weeks, or even months.

About 35,000 households lost power, mostly in Melbourne's northern suburbs, but has since been largely restored. The earthquake was originally recorded as a 6.0 magnitude earthquake, but was later downgraded to 5.8 on the Richter scale.

If you have friends or family living in Melbourne, do check up on them! There might not be major damages, but people living within the area were probably distressed and disturbed by the sudden tremor.


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