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47-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Is The Longest Covid-19 Infection In The World With 335 Days

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

A 47-year-old woman from the U.S. was infected with the Covid-19 virus for 335 days and now dubbed as the world's longest infection. What's even more incredible is that the woman is also a cancer survivor!

The woman, from Bethesda, Maryland, was documented in a study published in the pre-print on MedRxiv in early October this year. According to Science News, she was hospitalised with Covid-19 at the National Institutes of Health campus despite showing mild or no symptoms.

Due to a successful blood cancer treatment in 2018 which now leaves her with low levels of B cells and leading her to be immunocompromised, she began consistently testing positive for Covid-19. Doctors initially thought that these were false positives die to the residual virus left in the system after the infection cleared.

When the woman tested positive again in March 2021, doctors started to investigate by sequencing its genome and discovered that it was similar to the virus she was carrying 10 months ago. Weirdly enough, the strain was different than the one that was circulating at that time.

That said, the anonymous woman finally recovered in April 2021 which is 335 days later.


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