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4-Yr-Old Girl Cries And Protects Abusive Father From Getting Beaten Up By Angry Man

In a viral video online, a 4-year-old girl was recently shown to be begging on the streets of KL after being left alone by her father. What's worse is when the concerned man behind the camera decided to confront the father for neglecting his daughter, the irresponsible father had the audacity to slap the poor child.

"What's your problem? Can you take care of your child properly?" said the concerned man who was filming the video. Out of anger towards the father for leaving his daughter wandering the streets alone, the man slapped the father and yelled "If you leave your daughter again, you're dead!"

The situation was made worse when the father slapped his daughter in retaliation, causing her to fall on the ground. Immediately, the man responded by beating the father up and cursing him out for being abusive. The incident probably frightened the little girl as she was seen crying on the ground while the man threatened to call the police on her father.

However, what the man probably did not expect was for the girl to jump forward and defend her father. "Please don't call the police, he is my father!" said the girl in tears as her father sat on the ground next to her. Despite her father's earlier actions, the child was still caressing her father's head as the man lectured her against recklessly crossing the busy streets.

Based on a series of videos posted by the man on TikTok, it is believed that he is a shopkeeper at a convenience store where the girl frequently visits. The duo appeared to be close, and the man even tried to bring the girl home, but she refused to leave her father behind.

The incident has since caught the authorities' attention and Bukit Aman Sexual, Women, and Child Investigations Division Principal Assistant Director Siti Kamsiah Hassan said they are trying their best to locate the girl and her father.


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