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4-Yr-Old Boy With Autism Sets New Malaysian Record By Identifying 198 Flags Under 10 Mins

Credits: Utusan

Four-year-old Rashwin Kalithas has made it into the Malaysian Book of Records (MBR) after successfully identifying 198 flags in 9 minutes and 54 seconds, which is the most number of international flags identified by a child with autism.

According to MBR record consultant Edwin Yeoh, Rashwin's achievement was exceptionally incredible as children with autism typically have a short attention span and are easily distracted. “I think that even for adults, if they were tested in a similar manner, some wouldn’t be able to get half the number of what Rashwin did,” he said.

Although Rashwin initially had two virtual attempts, he did not perform as well. It was only on his third attempt when they decided to use physical flashcards as Rashwin was used to them, and lo and behold, a new record was set.

Rashwin's mother, Krishnarani Balakrishnan first noticed her son's talent when he started to show interest in pictorial dictionaries, shapes, and colours at just 2½ years old. Despite his achievement at a young age, Rashwin's parents plan to let the young boy grow at his own pace.

Credits: FMT

“As for future plans, we want to give him some time before attempting to break his own record. We want to continue to advocate for autism and to inspire more parents to understand their autistic child better," said Krishnarani.


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