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36-Yr-Old Msian Foodpanda Driver Completes Doctorate After 4 Years

Age shouldn't be an obstacle for you to reach your goal, this Malaysian Foodpanda delivery rider proves that hard work pays off by completing his doctorate after 4 years of studying, over a year of juggling his work as a delivery rider, and his duties as a family man.

36-year-old Mohd Akmal shared his success on a Facebook group "Foodpanda Rider Malaysia", the post was accompanied with a collage of him in his Foodpanda uniform showing off his PhD, and a close-up of his degree. His degree came from the University of Malaysia, Pahang along with his major at Pharmaceutical Technology.

On his personal Facebook, he posted an appreciation post: “Praise be to God, I’ve managed to complete my PhD after four years. I’m grateful to God – he’s the one who has taken care of my problems, and made my journey easier. I’d like to also thank Professor Mimi Sakinah for teaching and guiding me, and also my mother and father for their prayers – without which it wouldn’t have been possible to complete this program. Thanks to my dear wife also for supporting me and understanding my trials as a student. There were many challenges that we had to deal with over the past four years. She even managed to get pregnant twice.”

“The biggest challenges I faced were about managing my time and energy, because right now, being a rider is the main source of income, and it requires me to balance my time extremely well,” he said in an interview with Kosmo!.

What's even more impressive, the Crown Prince from the Pahang royal family met with Akmal personally to offer him an undisclosed sum donation as a reward for his success.


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