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3-Yr-Old Accidentally Ordered 100 Bowls Of Noodles With Her Parent’s Handphone

We’ve written about a kid using his parent’s phone to order ice cream and accidentally over ordered RM10k worth of popsicles, well meet 3-year-old kid using her parent’s handphone to order zhajiangmian (soybean paste noodles), and ended up accidentally ordering 100 bowls of it!

This happened on 15 June in Jilin city, China, the toddler decided to order noodles because she felt hungry at that moment, but accidentally clicked two extra zeros into the order. Hilariously, the delivery person had to take 7 to 8 trips just to deliver all 100 bowls of noodles, as the family lives on the 13th floor.

The kid’s father initially thought they won the noodles as a prize but then realises that he had spent 1350RMB (about RM868) on the noodles when he checked his phone. The accident was recorded and uploaded online, which garnered a lot of attention on social media.

That said, the family only kept 8 bowls and gave the rest away to sanitation workers and those in need, so it ended with a good cause. This is a warning for parents to monitor your children while they use mobile gadgets and also educate them properly for unwanted inconvenience.


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