• Jonathan Shiek

3 Tips To Kiss Your Anxiety Goodbye

Anxiety is the bane of us humans. As much as we need it in order to keep us sharp and productive, failure to control one’s anxiety can lead to devastating effects on our mental health and even our physical health.

Letting anxiety take the steering wheel of your brain can lead to various disorders such as social anxiety disorder, depression, and in some serious cases, even post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

As such, here are 3 very simple ways that you can deal with your anxiety.

1. Be Mindful

Mindfulness, is perhaps the greatest way to beat up those demons in your brain and show them who’s boss. Being mindful is basically just ‘living in the moment’. Now, it is certainly much easier said than done but you can start by learning how to free your mind of things that are out of your control.

In doing so, you will then gradually notice how your mind slowly shifts from worrying about the future, to what you have on your plate currently. Eventually, when you are able to take in only your immediate environment and limit your focus to the task at hand, you can achieve a perfect state of mindfulness.

2. Control Your Breathing

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Okay, so if you guys have seen Demon Slayer, then you will know exactly how your breathing can calm you down, clear your mind, keep you focused, and eliminate your anxiety. Otherwise, to simply put, when you practice controlled breathing, it will send a message to your brain to calm down and relax.

A good technique to employ, is by breathing in through your nose (counting for five seconds) and breathing out through your mouth (counting for another five seconds) and repeating this process for a few minutes.

3. Exercise Often

If you think about it, anxiety is merely a human response to an external stimulus. Therefore, by putting your body through its paces, you can easily compensate for its effects by forcing your body to produce serotonin and dopamine.

So which is the best way to do so? Why by exercising of course! Exercising regularly will provide your mind with a surge of mood-boosting endorphins which in turn will tell your anxiety where to ‘stick it’.

Now, you don’t necessarily need to hit the gym hard or even run a marathon in order to produce anxiety-combating endorphins. All you need to do is take a walk from time to time, or even just a quick home workout will do the trick.

When its all said and done, there is absolutely no way to prevent anxiety completely and as well, there shouldn’t be, as anxiety can be beneficial to you as well, so long as it is under control. With that said, I sure hope these tips will help you manage and control your anxiety better.


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