• Jonathan Shiek

3 Places Where Covid-19 Has Been Beneficial To The Environment

Once upon a time, life was hectic and normal, and then Covid appeared and spread the confetti leaving the world on pause. (Rest in peace nightclubs).

We live in a time where mankind goes toe to toe with a deadly virus, while mother nature starts to impregnate the world with its beauty all over again.

While mother nature is getting freaky, there are numerous hot destinations that have benefitted from this pandemic. Let us begin with Venice, where an ancient saying “andar o mandar a Patraso co tuto” meaning ‘to launch into eternity’ or ‘to go to one’s last home’ sticks like glue. Riverboat destinations like Venice’s waters are becoming clearer than ever while the air quality flourishes as well.

Asides from Venice, Turkey has been flourishing with dolphins in one of the busiest marine routes, the Bosphorus. It is very uncommon to see dolphins around these areas due to cargo ships that emit high frequency which can be deadly for them. The best time to see dolphins with ease is now or never!

There’s a saying in Albanian, “The sun at home warms better than the sun elsewhere”.

Flocks of pink flamingos are thriving in lagoons from the coastlines. Nearby there is an olive oil plantation that has now been halted due to the flocks of birds happily enjoying their freedom while it lasts.


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