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3 Japanese Students Create World’s First “Melon Pan” Edible Face Mask

Japan has done it again, inventing unique but useful daily items! This time, 3 Japanese students that are huge melon bread (melon pan) lovers decided to come up with the idea for the first ever edible mask! It sounds like a joke, but it’s not.

With the help of an experimental laboratory, helmed by Goku no Kimochi The Labo, the students starting putting their ideas into practice and began developing ‘Mask Pan’. Honestly, I’m not surprised if you’re put off by the bacteria the mask collects throughout the day, as it nevertheless still fulfils its primary function.

Credit: The Labo

Surprisingly, the Mask Pan actually passed the effectiveness tests of the Unitika Garmentec Research Institute, meaning it is an effective face mask! In fact, the edible face mask ensures a level of protection equivalent or superior to commercial face masks! On top of the high-level protection, wearers can also enjoy the smell of bread while wearing the face mask. Their official website states that you could munch on the mask from the inside, but do not eat the outer parts as there are possibilities of virus adhesion.

I love how they market the Mask Pan as “the happiest mask in the world”, aiming to help people accept this restrictive measure with a smile. The edible mask is so popular that they are already sold out for June, note that it was made available for purchase on 10 June so it was sold out within a day! If you are interested, the mask is priced at ¥1,800 which is about RM68 for 5 pieces on their website.

Would you get an edible bread mask?


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