• Jonathan Shiek

3 Horror Movies That Will Make You Glad You’re Single

An old abandoned house and strange sounds from upstairs, we’ve seen and heard all the cliches of horror movies that we just know what’s gonna happen and who’s gonna peg out.

BUT! There are some movies that can give you great reasons on your next visit to your parents and relatives if they ask you the all-too-familiar question of “When you’re going to get a partner”.

1. Cabin in the Woods (2012)

This is for the virgins out there.Yes, the woods are scary, dark, cold and it’s where wild animals roam but what you should be worried about is getting into some satanic ritual that is held worldwide to protect humanity. But hey! If you’re a virgin, at least you have a chance to be spared if you end up in the Cabin unlike your unlucky friends.

2. Ready or Not

Yes,yes we are told that wedding nights are passionate. However,this film is passionate in getting you killed by your in-laws via hide and seek as they ‘welcome’ you into their loaded family and follow the family ‘tradition’. You either die or survive this crazy game. Having to face the in-laws who tried to kill you on a daily basis is also something you should reconsider.

3. Get Out

Meeting a partner’s family for the first time is always a stressful experience. At the start of the trip, Chris’ (who’s meeting his girlfriend Alison’s family for the first time) main concern is how they might react to him being Black. But as the story progresses, he realises their racism is just one part of a much larger secret. The lesson? If you’re going to go to a new partner’s house, always have an escape plan.

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