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2PM Members Taecyeon And Chansung Had Stalkers In Their Hotel Room In Singapore

In South Korea, the term “sasaeng” is used to describe obsessive fans who stalk and harass the privacy of their idols. And unfortunately, almost every famous Korean celebrity has had an encounter with sasaeng fans at some point in their career.

In a recent appearance on the ‘Knowing Brothers’ variety show, 2PM band members Ok Taecyeon and Hwang Chansung revealed a frightening story in which they personally encountered a group of sasaengs barging into their hotel room in Singapore.

According to Taecyeon, the band was in Singapore for a concert and during their stay in the city, he shared a hotel room with fellow member Chansung. The duo was sleeping shirtless one night when Taecyeon heard the sound of a hotel card key beeping, followed with the room door opening.

Credits: KBIZOOM

“Then I heard the sound of about five or six female voices giggling quietly. So I was thinking to myself, ‘Did they enter the wrong room by accident? What’s this? What’s going on?’ My heart was pounding in my ears!” Taecyeon recounted.

What happened next caught the singer completely off-guard as he was faced with a group of strangers. Because this was in Singapore, Taecyeon assumed they were foreigners and in a state of shock, he started swearing at the intruders in English. And they had to audacity to curse back at him too!


The whole time, poor Chansung was asleep until Taecyeon’s swearing woke him up. Naturally, he screamed when he saw the group of sasaengs in front of him. Thinking back about the incident, Taecyeon added that the intruders probably managed to sneak into their room with a card key.

Although the hotel ended up apologising to the members and gifting them a complimentary bottle of champagne, it clearly remains as a terrifying incident for the band.


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