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28-Year-Old Modern-Day Witch In Singapore Makes Over RM216k A Month Casting Love Spells

Credits: Coconuts Singapore

If you're tired of making minimum wage at your boring 9-to-5 job, maybe you should consider a career in witchcraft or spirituality, because this 28-year-old self-proclaimed clairvoyant is making S$70,000 (RM 216,906) a month in Singapore by casting love spells.

Bambi Leong, who goes by the name DarkWitchBambi is the owner of The Love Witch, where she offers an elaborate list of services like reading tarot cards, talking to the dead, cursing the living, and even selling haunted dolls and genitalia-shaped candles.

Depending on the type of spell her client wants, Leong will carve the target's name and birthdate onto a red phallic candle and coat it with her special ritual oils like 'Make You Love Me’ or ‘Lust for Me Only’, which provide different effects.

“It depends on whether you just want the sex, or you want sex plus love," said Leong. Meanwhile, black candles are said to be for curses, which are aided by her 'Break Up' ritual oil. However, Leong admits that she's usually hesitant when it comes to casting revenge spells, which take up to five weeks to work.

Despite her ability in astral projection - Leong claimed she once had an out-of-body experience to ask Satan for permission to conjure a demon for her customer, the modern-day witch said she tries to avoid black arts due to the distressing reality of the overly superstitious community in Singapore.

Instead, she's more focused on offering witchcraft lessons these days as they're said to be more profitable and definitely less daunting. Ranging from S$25 to S$1,250 (RM77.44 to RM3,871), aspiring witches and warlocks can learn how to astral project, curse, heal, invoke spiritual entities, or even speak with the dead.


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