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24-Year-Old Malaysian Designs Traditional Songket Prints For Phone Cases And Sells Them On IG

If you’re currently looking to get a new phone case for your phone then you should check out a local artist’s IG store, H&I Store! The online store who runs under 24-year-old Hafiz Ibrahim recently introduced a songket collection that only goes by RM29!

According to World of Buzz, Hafiz has been running the online store by himself since December 2017 but things hasn’t always been great for the young Malaysian. The H&I Store has to temporarily stop its operations twice since opening the IG store, sadly it was due to lack of knowledge about the industry and capital.

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Thankfully, Hafiz did not give up and continued to hustle. He said the inspiration behind the songket phone case designs were due to the lack of phone case designs inspired by the traditional print. The young artist even named each of his products like Kemboja, Melur, and Cempaka which you can find them all at H&I Store!

Credit: H&I Store

Running the H&I Store is just a part-time job for Hafiz, as he is still in his final semester as an actuarial science student at the University of Malaya (UM). Other than his intricate songket designs, there are also other collections released in his IG store like batik, ice cream, jellybean, backyard, and hexagon collections.

Credit: H&I Store

If you’d like to get customised designs, you could relay them over to Hafiz! Check out his online store for affordable and beautiful phone cases!


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