• Jonathan Shiek

2020’s Top 4 Movies You Need To Watch

2020 is coming to an end with a year full of rollercoasters. Nonetheless, we managed to get through it all by enjoying a daily dose of cinematic pieces leaving us to stay creatively and emotionally inspired. Here are 2020 must-watch movies.

Bad Boys For Life:

A classic timepiece that carries the legacy of its sequel, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, icons of the ’90s. What could possibly be more exciting than watching a movie directed by Micheal Bay with explosives and aesthetics to match?! Bad Boys For Life is the icing on the cake to match up to its sequels with a heartwarming, comedic, and gentle ring to it.

Birds of prey:

Featuring joker’s lover, Harley Quinn, (played by Margaret Robbie), this story revolves around her breakup with the joker which puts a target behind her back. A fast-paced action movie filled with glitter, explosion, and ammunition. Going against Gotham’s brutal, sadistic crime lord black mask and his right hand Victor Zsasz.

Bad education:

Men in suits embezzling millions of dollars – corruption at its finest. Starring Hugh Jackman. A dark film centering a teacher at Long Island school superintendent and his assistant are credited with bringing the district unprecedented prestige. Everything changes when a student finds out about his schemes.


If you like Inception this movie should definitely be on your watch-list. A mind puzzling movie that leaves you wondering could a time machine possibly be real? We have been warned not to dwell too much into the movie in the beginning but, somehow it will make you do so.

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