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20-Yr-Old Man Played Pretend Doctor At Vaccination Centre For 16 Days Before He Got Arrested

You know how people say where there’s a will, there’s a way? This 20-year-old man truly embodied that saying in the most extreme form after he decided to impersonate a doctor at a vaccination centre in Sarawak for 16 days, simply because it has been his ambition.

The man was able to deceive everyone by saying he was a doctor from the Sarawak General Hospital reporting for duty at the vaccination centre. He even went to “work” fully equipped with his own stamp, name card, coat, personal protective equipment (PPE) along with other essentials – the level of dedication is unmatched.

The man initially visited the Stadium Perpaduan Covid-19 Vaccination Centre in Petra Jaya to make some inquiries before returning on 16 June to say that he was stationed there by some higher-ups. The plan obviously worked because on 19 June, he was even allowed to man the registration counter unauthorised.

Credits: SAYS

It was only until 22 June that other doctors began to suspect something wasn’t right after they found out the man was only 20 years old. This subsequently led to the fake doctor’s arrest on 1 July after authorities received information from a Ministry of Health personnel.

When the police questioned his motives, the man said he pretended to be a doctor because it was his ambition and he studied medicine online. It was unsure if the suspect actually managed to administer an vaccine shots or performed other medical procedures during his brief stint as a pretend doctor.


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