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17-Yr-Old From China Takes His Own Life After Getting Rejected By Birth Parents Twice

17-year-old Liu Xuezhou reportedly taken his own life after tracking down his birth parents, and got turned down by them during a recent reunion. Apparently, the teen from China was sold by his birth parents to his adoptive parents back in 2005.

Liu was sold as soon as he was born, as his birth father needed cash to pay the bride price to his birth mother's family. Thankfully, he was loved by his adoptive parents. However, an explosion took their lives and destroyed their home when he was just 4 years old.

During a reunion in December 2021, both his birth father Ding Shuangquan and his birth mother (not identified), asked Liu to stay away as they believed his appearance disrupted their lives since they had since divorced and each had a new family.

Previously, Liu was also a victim of cyberbully after asking for financial help from his birth parents after tracking them down, which led to an argument. He added that the row with his birth parents triggered an avalanche of online abuse. "There have been people attacking and cursing me on Douyin and Weibo in the past couple of days."

Sadly, Liu also claimed a male teacher had sexually abused him, but he kept it a secret for most of his life.

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