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17-Year-Old Malaysian Artist Shows Off Amazing Handpainted Batik Skateboard Designs

The only thing that’s possibly cooler than being a 17-year-old girl who skateboard is being a 17-year-old artist who skates with her own handpainted batik skateboard. That’s exactly how it is for budding artist Aniqah Shahmi.

The SPM candidate has long been interested in skateboarding but when she finally decided to buy herself a skateboard, she soon realised that she was not a fan of any of the designs available. So naturally, she took matters into her own hands and started to paint one on her own.

It took a while but Aniqah managed to paint not one, but several different batik designs. She then took to Twitter and Instagram to post some photos of her work, where it quickly gained the attention of netizens who were in love with Aniqah’s designs.

And how could they not when this is how beautiful batik designs look on skateboards!

BATIK SKATEBOARD iii !!! i tried something this time and i think it turned out great 🙂 — ane nak quah lebih (@aquekraisis) May 19, 2021

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This even led to potential customers who were interested to buy Aniqah’s art or commission her to paint on different canvases. Speaking on her journey as an artist, Aniqah said she has always been interested in art, having started sketching and designing from as young as five years old.

With her batik skateboard designs taking off, Aniqah also expressed interest in working with skate shops, saying “I am also open for any skate shops that are interested in me designing skateboards for them. That would be a dream.”

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At her young age, Aniqah is already beyond talented but what’s even more amazing is her confidence and self-awareness. “I am only 17, there’s so much more to do. And there’s so much room for improvement. I plan to continue doing art and hopefully one day I will make a living out of something I love. Having my art up in exhibitions sounds like a dream,” she said.

Do check out Aniqah’s work on her Twitter and Instagram accounts and make sure to show her some love for her amazing designs!


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