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16-Yr-Old Singaporean Student Murders 13-Yr-Old Schoolmate With An Axe In School

The world was in shock after a 16-year-old student at Singapore’s River Valley High School attacked and killed his 13-year-old schoolmate with an axe on Monday (19 July). The victim was found lying wounded and motionless in the school’s toilet when the police arrived, paramedics then pronounced the victim dead at the crime scene.

Since the incident transpired, the school briefly went into lockdown as students scrambled to hide in classrooms and send panic messages to their loved ones to alert them of the situation. The students were eventually set free after the accused was arrested.

According to early investigations, the two boys were not acquainted, and the accused’s motive remains unknown. The accused was revealed to have brought the axe to school. The alleged murder weapon has since been seized as evidence.

Since both students were minors, their identities were not revealed. However, the accused has been charged with murder, which may result in the death penalty in Singapore. But considering the accused is below the age of 18, he faces potential life imprisonment instead.

The prosecutors have also asked the judge to allow the accused to be remanded for psychiatric assessment as the teenager was previously a patient at a mental health institution after he tried to commit suicide in 2019.

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