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16-Yr-Old Malaysian Tragically Dies After Visiting A Haunted House In Bentong

On 1 December, it was reported that a 16-year-old boy tragically passed away after entering a "haunted house" attraction in Bentong, Pahang. According to Kosmo, the teen went to a resort in Bentong with his family for a holiday.

The incident happened in the 'haunted house' experience at the resort, which was captured in a 3-minute long video and posted on Facebook. In the video, the boy was seen overwhelmed by being in the haunted house, with his friends telling him to take a deep breath before he passed out unconscious. A man was also seen checking the teen's pulse once they exited the spooky house.

The teenager was then brought out into an open compound outside the house, and later to a nearby medical facility. Sadly, he never woke up and passed away soon after. The autopsy revealed that the boy had a perforated heart, which is a condition of the heart present from birth with issues of blood flow, heart rate, breathing, fatigue, and others.

Let this tragic incident be a reminder for those with known heart problems to be mindful of their surroundings and circumstances, sometimes the consequences can be worse than a stroke or heart failure.

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