• Jonathan Shiek

15-Year Old’s Mysterious Death Ruled As ‘Misadventure’

The death of a 15 year old French-Irish teenager back in 2019 was recently ruled by a Malaysian court as ‘died by misadventure’, dismissing claims by the victim’s family that she had been abducted while on holiday right outside an eco-lodge in KL. Judge Maimoonah Aid said that it was more probable that the victim who had a learning disability, “died by misadventure”, leaving the resort on her own and ended up getting lost in an abandoned palm oil plantation.

Credit: Sky News

A year long of investigations and court trials around the victim was wrapped up in the Zoom session which also made international headlines. Malaysian police insisted that there was no foul play but the victim’s parents continuously pushed for the inquest and maintained that their daughter was abducted. The authorities were criticized for their response to her disappearance.

The victim’s family was said to be challenging the verdict, so let’s hope for the best on their appeal. What do you think really happened to Nora Anne Quoirin?

Source: VICE

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