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13-Year-Old Boy From China Stuck A Needle Up His Penis Because He Was Curious

Ah, to be young and curious about your body. A 13-year-old boy from Jiangsu province, China decided to stick a sewing needle up his urethra, which is a vessel in the penis which urine passes through, and left it there for 14 days before seeking medical help.

After constant pain and bleeding while urinating, the young boy was sent to the hospital to get checked out. The X-ray scan showed the needle, which is 9cm long, clogged up his urethra - Ouch!

“He only came here because he could not bear the pain any more. We saw a needle after giving him an X-ray check. It was very long and had gone quite deep,” said Guo Yunfei, the surgeon who removed the needle from the boy's urethra.

To our surprise, the doctor mentioned that this wasn't the first time a young patient was admitted into the hospital for inserting something inside them. He added that most incidents occurred because the patients were getting curious about their bodies during puberty.

“We receive such young patients every year with all sorts of strange things. What we saw most in the past were electrical wires and earphone cords, and later we saw needles and magnetic beads,” Guo said.


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