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105-Year-Old Malaysian Is The Oldest Person In The Country To Get Vaccinated

With all the anti-vaccine stigma still scaring netizens from getting their vaccination, you’ll want to take a look at this 105-year-old Kelantanese man, Jaafar Awang Mat, attending his vaccination appointment as scheduled. Previously, about 10,000 people in Kelantan failed to attend their second phase of vaccination, causing a lot of frustrations for those who are not yet eligible for the vaccine.

Credit: MStar

According to MStar, senior citizens aged 60 and above are using their health concerns as an excuse not to attend their scheduled appointments. Sadly, there are elderly in the rural areas who would want to get vaccinated ASAP but don’t have the resources like internet access or cars to register and travel. The issue is so pertinent that the Malaysian government decided to fine those who have scheduled appointments and don’t show up.

Azriena, better known as Suri, also the granddaughter to Jaafar Awang Mat (Ayah Pa) said that her grandfather is not bothered by the conspiracies circulating around the talks of vaccine, he even volunteered to get vaccinated with an open heart. “Ayah Pa said that he was very calm during the vaccination and he’s not experiencing any major side effects,” Sure added.

Credit: MStar

“Before the MCO, Ayah Pa likes to get on his bicycle and take a stroll around the village, sometimes he would visit the coffee shop where there would be more negative talks of the vaccine.” Some of the villagers would tell him that it could lead to death, but with his positivity, he is determined that they need to find a way to prevent the virus hence why getting vaccinated is a precautionary measure.

I hope more senior citizens and Malaysians in general get on the same track as Jaafar Awang Mat, so that we can slowly reduce Covid-19 cases and return to our normal daily lives.


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