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100Plus 'Hydration Bar' Popsicles Have Been Spotted In Singapore And We Need Them!

We all know and love the isotonic sports drink, 100Plus, especially during an extremely hot day or after a long badminton session. Launched in 1983 in both Malaysia and Singapore, the drink released many different flavours to suit different preferences, but this time the brand decided to release the drink as a popsicle!

The 100Plus 'Hydration Bar' popsicles were found on social media and Google by World of Buzz. Sadly, the 100Plus popsicles can only be purchased at Singapore as of now. They are selling for only SGD1.50 which is estimated around RM4.60 a bar.

The 100Plus flavoured popsicle mentioned on its packaging that a serving is less than 200 calories! Hopefully F&N brings the isotonic ice lolly over to Malaysia as well to beat the heat. Would you be down to try the 100Plus Hydration Bar?


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