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10-Yr-Old Malaysian Boy Took Less Than 2 Months To Learn Visual Effects On Adobe Premiere Pro

I know being in lockdown may seem like the cons outweigh the pros, but take it from this 10-year-old Malaysia kid, he used his time wisely to get the hang of Adobe Premiere Pro! According to Mashable, the boy only took less than 2 months to be able to master visual effects!

The boy, Arif Aamil Hamka’s edits were being recorded by his dad, Arif Rafhan Othman, who then shared these clips onto Twitter. “My son, Hamka and his Premier Pro. He learned it himself via tutorial on YouTube. Next year confirm he’ll be better than me when it comes to visual effects,” an extremely proud Arif tweeted. — Arif Rafhan (@ArifRafhanDraw) June 21, 2021 — Arif Rafhan (@ArifRafhanDraw) June 21, 2021

That said, Arif’s son wasn’t the only one in the family that inherited his editing skills, he noted that his daughter was good at video editing, while Hamka and his younger brother would stand in as cast members for her projects. Arif, a comic artist, a mural artist, an animator, and a neighborhood art teacher added that the MCO allowed his kids to experiment with filmmaking, however they are only allowed to do stop motion or filming on the weekends and holidays.

“Usually they experiment with stop motion. When MCO began, they moved to visual effect heavy magic videos and were inspired by Zach King.” Well, parenting done right. These kids will definitely have a bright future ahead of them!

What new skills have you been learning at home during the MCO?


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