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10-Year-Old British-Malaysian Girl is the Mastermind Behind the C’wealth Games 2022 Official M

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games official mascot has been decided and it was designed by Emma Lou. Emma is a 10-year-old British-Malaysian girl with an eye for art!

According to the Games organiser, Emma’s design was chosen from over hundreads of other designs submitted by individuals aged between five to fifteen. The UK-wide competition was held last summer in an attempt to cultivate the creativity of kids in the UK and of course, to find the new mascot for the Games.

The theme of the mascot was something that has to represent the history, identity and culture of Birmingham along with the West Midlands and the criteria was conveyed to the contestants upon their participation. For Emma, Perry the bull was her go to creation.

Credits: The Star

Perry is a bull that is decked out with multi-coloured hexagons. When asked about the inspiration behind her design, she simply said “I chose a bull because of the Bullring in Birmingham, and I decided to use hexagons because they are the strongest shape and the whole world depends on each other.” (so cute!)

She then added, “I am so excited that my design will be seen by so many people!” and “I think the mascot is great, he looks so cute. I am really excited to come to the Commonwealth Games and it will be amazing to see Perry at the opening ceremony,”

I am extremely excited for Emma and not to mention proud! I see bright things in her future I hope that when we are all watching the Commonwealth games from home, we remember that the mascot we see is all because of this sweet little girl.


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