• Jonathan Shiek

10 Surprising Facts About Men’s Health

Have you ever wondered what makes the average man tick? You see, that is a rather difficult question to answer as there are literally millions of factors that contribute towards what makes a man tick therefore making it virtually impossible to generalize all men as the same.

But in pursuit of uncovering the enigma that is ‘The Male Species’, the best place to start would be at a medical level and the similarities that all men share right? So what better way to do so than by exploring them inside out! (that doesn’t sound right…). In any case, here are 10 surprising facts about men’s health that you probably didn’t know.

1. The average life expectancy for men has been on a steady increase since 1950. Back in 1950, the average man would have been expected to live for about 69 (nice) years whereas in 2021, men are expected to live until 79. This can probably be attributed to the advancement of healthcare services and medicine.

2. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men ages 15 to 34. Each year, about 30,000 men die of this cancer. Yes that’s right, even men as young as 15 are at risk of developing testicular cancer. So the best advice, is to head for checkups as early as 15 years of age. As a matter of fact, try to develop the habit of checking for testicular cancer as early as possible.

3. Men have facial hair because they have a higher level of androgens than women do. Genetics determines how thick and dark facial hair will be. So if you are intrigued about how some carnivals claim to have a ‘bearded lady’ the answer is not a fake beard but actually an imbalance in androgens.

4. Men are over 5 times more likely to lose their hearing. Ah yes, finally an excuse for not wanting to listen to my girlfriend nag at me as I can always attribute it to my loss of hearing.

5. Men’s senses of taste and smell may not be as strong as women’s. There is very little research that suggests why this is the case.

6. According to the Sleep Foundation, men need less sleep than women do — by about 20 minutes. So the research says, but I can’t help but sleep for an additional 6 hours.

7. According to the National Kidney Foundation, men are not as likely to get kidney disease, but when they do, it’s more likely to progress to kidney failure.

8. Men have this distinct bulge… no, not there, but on their throat area called ‘Adam’s Apples’. This is because the cartilage around the voice box protrudes more in men. They have bigger boxes, which gives them deeper voices. That said, there are instances where certain men don’t fully develop their ‘Adam’s Apple’ and therefore they might have softer voices.

9. According to Michigan Eye Institute, men are able to see small details and are better at visually tracking moving objects, but women are better at distinguishing between colors. This is also one of the factors why most men are better at activities which require more hand-eye coordination such as basketball and badminton, but also why most women are more artistically inclined.

10. The idea that men are typically more muscular than women isn’t a stereotype as much as it is a fact. Women are about half as strong as men in their upper bodies and about two-third as strong in their lower bodies.


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